Oct 04 2015

Blériot XI-2 replica gets airborne in Norway

Øyvind Ellingsen, the chairman of Warbirds of Norway, recently took his new Blériot XI-2 replica for a short hop. The aircraft, equipped with a 110 hp Le Rhone rotary engine, was built by Craftlab workshop in Austria and is a replica of  “Nordsjøen”, the aircraft used by Trygve Gran, the first person to fly across the North Sea in 1914.

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Oct 01 2015

Photo-report: Nîmes Airshow

Here are photos of the Féria de l’Air, which took place last weekend at Nîmes, in Southern France. Many thanks to Luc Fesquet for sharing these photos with our visitors!

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Sep 22 2015

G/C Allan Wright, one of the last Battle of Britain aces, passes away

Group Captain Allan Wright

Group Captain Allan Wright

Group Captain Allan Wright, one of the last three aces of the Battle of Britain passed away on 16 September aged 95.

After the war, he remained in the Royal Air Force, retiring in 1967.

Read his complete biography from The Telegraph

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Sep 22 2015

Video: B-29 Superfortress “Doc” undergoes first engine runs


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Sep 17 2015

Video: Prince Harry gives up Spitfire ride to a Battle Veteran

Prince Harry, who was expected to fly in the back-seat of a Spitfire during the Battle of Britain Day Flypast on 15 September (the Prince’s 31st birthday) elegantly stepped down and gave his seat to Tom Neil, a 95-year old Battle of Britain veteran whose ride was canceled due to mechanical problems.

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Sep 17 2015

Video: Battle of Britain Day Flypast

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Sep 17 2015

Fokker D.VIII replica with original Gnome engine flies at Old Rhinebeck

Brian Coughlin flew his Fokker D.VIII replica equipped with an original 160-hp rotary Gnome engine at Old Rhinebek Aerodrome last weekend. Coughlin built the aircraft in the early 1990s before selling it to Kermit Weeks’ Fantasy of Flight. He purchased the aircraft back in July of this year and equipped it with an overhauled Gnome engine and period instruments.

The unique sound of the rotary engine can be heard in this short video..

Source: Early Aero

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Sep 14 2015

Battle of Britain Day Special offer: 30% off all Hurricane & Spitfire prints


75 years ago today, the Royal Air Force defeated the Luftwaffe in the skies over London. Ever since, September 15th has been celebrated as Battle of Britain Day.

We at Bravo Bravo Aviation think an entire week is even better, so we’re offering 30% off all Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire prints from September 15 to 21.

Note that this can be combined with our ongoing special offer to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain: this means that Battle of Britain A3 prints are at half price!

To profit from this special offer, please use this discount code: BOB2015

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Sep 14 2015

Latécoère 28 to be built in France

latéLe Cercle des Machines Volantes, based in the city of Compiègne, north of Paris, is planning to build a Latécoère 28, a legendary aircraft used by France’s Aéropostale airmail service in the 1930s.

Thanks to the support of the Latécoère foundation, the CMV has acquired and scanned the entire blueprints for the aircraft and is creating a 3D modelisation. Some parts have already been built, notably the instrument panel, equipped with original instruments. The aircraft is to be powered by a Hispano-Suiza V12 engine similar to the original type.

With a 63-feet wingspan, this aircraft was capable of carrying eight passagers over 600 miles at a speed of 140 mph. It will be built using the various skills available among the CMV’s ranks and with the help of many partners specialized in various fields, including the Compiègne Technological University, the Latécoère Foundation, and the Cachan IUT.

More information (in Frenc) from the Cercle des Machines Volantes’ website.

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Sep 11 2015

P-51 Mustang racer “Precious Metal” heavily damaged by fire

The P-51 Mustang racer "Precious Metal". (Photo Midland Airport (CC BY-ND 2.0))

The P-51 Mustang racer “Precious Metal”. (Photo Midland Airport (CC BY-ND 2.0))

The P-51 Mustang racer “Precious Metal”, heavily modified for racing, was seriously damaged by fire after refuelling on 8 September.

Pilot Thom Richard was able to leave the aircraft unharmed, but the Mustang was badly damaged before fire units could respond.

Following this accident, the numerous messages of support received by the Precious Metal team have convinced them to rebuild the aircraft and donations are being sought after to help rebuild the aircraft. One proposal is to offer to buy one square inch of the aircraft for $50, on which the donator’s photo will then be printed and flown around the track once the aircraft is rebuilt. Donators can purchase as many square inches as they want, and will get a bigger photo of them if they buy several.

More information about how you can help the team can be found on their Facebook page: Precious Metal Air Racing Fan Page.



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Sep 07 2015

Spitfire MJ772 badly damaged in crash-landing

SUpermarine Spitfire MJ772 at Osjkosh in 2010, still in single-seater configuration. (Photo Dave Miller (CC BY 2.0))

SUpermarine Spitfire MJ772 at Osjkosh in 2010, still in single-seater configuration. (Photo Dave Miller (CC BY 2.0))

Supermarine Spitfire TR.IX MJ772 was badly damaged in an accident this morning near Woodchurch in Kent, United-Kingdom. Pilot Rob Davies walked away with no injuries.

The aircraft appears to have suffered engine failure shortly after take-off, leaving Davies with no other options than putting it down with its gear up in a field. The left wing was torn off during the crash-landing.

Spitfire MJ772 served with No 341 (Free French) Squadron “Alsace” during the war and was converted to a two-seater TR.IX in 1950-51 before being sold to the Irish Air Corps. It was converted to a single-seater in 1992, and then back to its two-seater configuration more recently by Meier Motors.


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Sep 06 2015

Video: Memorial Flight – LVG C.VI Evening Flight

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Aug 24 2015

Shoreham disaster death toll rises

Hawker Hunter T.7 WV732 (Photo Alan Wilson (CC BY-SA 2.0))

Hawker Hunter T.7 WV732 (Photo Alan Wilson (CC BY-SA 2.0))

The latest information provided by Sussex police services concerning the tragic crash that took place on Saturday is that it is “highly probable that eleven people were killed” and that the final figure could be as high as 20.

Fifty-one year old pilot Andy Hill was pulled from the wreckage of the aircraft and is hospitalized in critical condition. He is a former Royal Air Force Harrier pilot now flying with British Airways.

Despite the numerous rumours and “explanations” provided by the media and Internet commentators, the causes of the disaster are still unknown and will probably remain so for some time. The crash scene, which covers a wide area, had not yet been fully cleared and processed. Police are still trying to determine the exact number and identity of victims. The aircraft’s wreckage should soon be moved out and turned over to the investigators.


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Aug 22 2015

Dramatic Hawker Hunter crash at the Shoreham Airshow

Hawker Hunter T.7 WV732 (Photo Alan Wilson (CC BY-SA 2.0))

Hawker Hunter T.7 WV732 (Photo Alan Wilson (CC BY-SA 2.0))

A Hawker Hunter crashed this afternoon during a display at the Shoreham Airshow in southern England. The aircraft fell near a road, and several cars were caught in the blast. The first reports indicate seven people were killed, with another four seriously wounded who were evacuated and some fifteen people presenting minor wounds which were treated on the spot. Witnesses indicate the pilot did not eject.

Many photos and videos of the crash have been published online, but will not be posted here.

The aircraft in question appears to be Hawker Hunter WV732, initially built as a Hunter F.4 and delivered to the Royal Air Force in 1955.


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Aug 20 2015

First flight for Bugatti 100P

The Bugatti 100P built by The Bugatti 100P Project flew for the first time today. The flight was only a short hop meant to confirm the aircraft’s characteristics and handling and was made by Scotty Wilson, who reported the aircraft handled well on all axis. It flew at an altitude of 100 ft and reached 110 knots.

Unfortunately, the aircraft floated quite a bit when he tried to put it down. When it finally settled back on the runway, a failure of the right brake brought it off the runway. The soil, made soft and muddy by recent rain, made the aircraft nose over, and damage was inflicted on the spinner and propellers. The Hayabusa motorcycle engines used on the Bugatti 100P were presumably not shock-damaged, as the aircraft is equipped with a clutch that would have taken most of the shock and preserved the engines.

The Bugatti 100P was an unusual aircraft design by Ettore Bugatti in 1938 to enter the 1939 Deutsch de la Meurthe Cup Race. It was not ready in time to enter the race and was abandoned prior to the German invasion of France in 1940.

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