May 01 2011

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Two killed in another Yak-52 accident (UK)

Photo Geoff Collins

Two people were killed in the crash of their Yak-52 in Essex (UK) on 28 April 2011. The aircraft, which had been flying in formation with two other aircraft, appears to have hit some trees bordering a lake before crashing in the lake itself. The two people on board never exited the airplane, which rested under some 10 ft of water.

Another accident involving a Yak-52 occured a few days ago in France, with both crew members killed.


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  1. Andy

    This tragic Yak-52 accident followed another one in France on 24 April 2011 :
    Two persons were also killed.
    The UK AAIB has started an investigation. Report not yet published.
    The French BEA (equivalent of our AAIB) is also investigating the Yak-52 crash near Paris. Guess it will also publish a accident report eventually.
    Unfortunately there was yet another Yak-52 crash in Holland. It happened on 02 August 2011 at Lelystad airport (EHLE). The pilot (only person on board) was instantly killed.
    All these aircraft were “Russian” registered (i.e. RA xxxxK) and maintained under Russian rules. Since then the Dutch Aviation Authorities have grounded Yaks in the Netherlands.
    Yaks registered in Russia were grounded by the UK CAA in 2001. They are now all on the UK CAA register.

  2. Andy

    Yak-52 “registered” RA-xxxxK (FLA) now (Thursday 3 May 2012) GROUNDED in France by DGAC :
    (in French).

  3. Paul

    In English : Russian aircraft ‘registered’ RA-xxxxK by FLA (Russian Flying Club) grounded in France by French CAA (DGAC) :


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