Aug 16 2011

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First flight of Skyhawk Ventures LLC’s A-4C Skyhawk

A-4C Skyraider BuNo 149606 successfully flew its first flight on August 5 . The aircraft was restored by Skyhawk Venture LLC and the first flight appears to have been successful.

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  1. Sam and Susan

    Well done!! Love, Sam and Susan

    1. Arthur Prescott ADJ3

      What a beautiful job to a grand old Scooter! I was in VA- 125 from Jan.64 to June 67.
      Assigned to Lemoore but spent a lot of time in Yuma and Fallon as a Dessert Rat. When I left the Navy, Charlie the Douglas Tech Rep had me stop in Long Beach to work on the A-4 Line there.
      I currently live in Tampa and would like to visit if that is possible. I am having some hats made up with the old “One Way Scooter” Patch on them.
      Arthur P

      1. ken colgate (7030 357-0294

        I served as a Fallon-Yuma Desert Rat in 1966 (FFT to NATTC Memphis ’67). The open galley 24 hours a day and only asked to leave it as clean as we found it.

  2. RNZAF A-4 Skyhawk

    Congratulations to all involved – it looks stunning

  3. Ed Mc Collum

    I was in VA 125 1965- 1967 I was in the Training Office and transfered to Desert Rats in Oct of 66. Yuma and Fallon I left in Aug. 67. Art I just do not remember you I knew Charlie Muse he was an ADJ-3 also. I was in Air Frames. We sure had some good times.

    1. Joe Stevens

      Ed, do you remember Art Harris. He was in the Air Frame/Hydraulic shop. Mostly on Det A.(Desert Rats)
      I am Joe Stevens. I was an ADJ but I worked as a plane captain at that time. Don’t even remember man ADJ guys even though I did spend my last year in the shop. They did a great job on the A4 in the picture.

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