Douglas Warren †

Bruce and Douglas Warren. (Crown Copyright)

World War II Canadian fighter pilot Douglas “Duke” Warren died on Sunday August 28th, aged 89. He joined the RCAF at age 18 in 1940, along with his identical twin brother Bruce. Both served as flight commanders with No 165 Squadron in Europe, a unique situation in the annals of the conflict. Bruce, known as “Duke Mk I” was killed postwar while test-flying the CF-100 Canuck. Douglas, aka “Bruce Mk II”, survived the war and remained in the RCAF for 37 years.

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    • Halleux marc on September 17, 2011 at 8:58 AM
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    This is not unique,

    My twin uncles Joseph and Freddy Moureau were both in the 349 squadron. They are 90 this year, one still living in England, the second in Belgium

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