Jun 04 2012

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Rare Heinkel He 115 recovered from the sea in Norway

After the  recovery of a rare Heinkel He 219 in Denmark in April, a just-as-rare German Heinkel He 115 floatplane has been recovered from the sea near Stavanger in Norway. The aircraft was lying on its back under 60 ft of water since World War II. Although it appears to be in a remarkable state of preservation, precaution will have to be taken to ensure corrosion does not set in now that the aircraft is out of the water.

Source (automatically translated)

Facebook page of the Sola Flymuseum

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  1. Petter Ramsdal

    The plane is disassembled into 6 sections, the wings, nose section, center fusalage, tail section and the remaining engine. All will be placed in a large tank with fresh water and will remain there for 2 – 3 years to wash out the salt before restoration starts..

  2. Patricia Whinnery Barber

    It is incredible that this WWII artifact has been raised from its grave, to be restored for future generations to study. This has been a major endeavor on your part so congratulations to all involved. Pat W. Barber

  3. jerry

    it really somthing to see it raised. looking at that bent cross just make you think that where ever it was at there was fear. but as a aircraft quiet a project.

  4. Ben C Marshall

    I believe the HE-115 float plane still holds world records. Anyone know if there is one in a museum or operational today?

    1. World Warbird News

      Only one other He 115, reported as being in private storage in France.

  5. DeWitt Burrows

    Was it possible to recover any floats?

  6. corrie

    ^^they floated away

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