Pilot killed in Ha-200 Saeta crash in Spain

Ha-200 Saeta EC-DXR in flight. (Photo César Astudillo (CC BY 2.0))

Ha-200 Saeta EC-DXR in flight. (Photo César Astudillo (CC BY 2.0))

A pilot was killed today when a Hispano Ha-200 Saeta crashed during an airshow in Madrid. The causes of the accident are unknown at this time.

The pilot is Ladislao Tejedor Romero, a 35-year old experienced military pilot and assistant to the Spanish Defence Minister. Romero died from burns suffered in the crash after he was admitted at Getafe hospital. The aircraft was the Ha-200 Saeta EC-DXR, which is well known by Spanish aviation enthusiasts and spotters.

The aircraft was built in the 1950s and was operated by the Fundación Infante de Orleans.

A video posted on YouTube shows the Saeta engaging in a Split-S and not recovering.

[important]While some early sources indicate 18 people were wounded in the crash, most sources only mention two or three people with light wounds. The lower figure seems to be the correct one. Our article has therefore been corrected based on  available information.[/important]


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