Jun 12 2017

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France: pilot wounded in Spitfire PR.XIX accident

The pilot of Spitfire PR.XIX F-AZJS was wounded today at the Villette-Longuyon airfield in Northern France on 11 June 2017. The aircraft flipped over and its pilot suffered non-life-threatening injuries based on available information.

Some sources also indicate a woman in the public was injured by flying propeller fragments.




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  1. martin preissler

    looks like inexperiance,got the tail up to quick.hope he is ok

  2. Wacko

    Study the video and you will see it looked like the RH wheel locked up just as it passed the concrete edge and the step formed by the grass; The prop tips ground into the dirt only when the kite swung right over around the fulcrum of the jammed wheel.
    Sure it was terrible chock on pilot, hope everyone get over injuries and trauma.

    1. Whacko

      Humble-pie, I accept my gaff, it seems it might have been an edited clip I saw early on Tuesday 12th when it looked to me like RH wheel jammed. I’ll leave it to official investigator’s that are far more intelligent on such matters. But I shall be interested when they pronounce their verdict, and I still say that the clip I saw was different with the focus on RH wheel ploughing dirt, in sequence before the prop.

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