Jun 17 2017

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Spitfire T.9 “Elizabeth” damaged in wheels-up landing

Not a great time for Spitfires. 🙁

Aero Legends’ Spitfire T.9 NH341 “Elizabeth” was lightly damaged on June d’Aero Legends during a landing in which the undercarriage was not fully locked down. Fortunately, nobody was injured and the aircraft should be flying again soon.

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  1. Chris Lampard

    I was at Sywell for an hour or so yesterday (16 June) afternoon and witnessed an earlier take off at about 1400 from which it returned safely. Just before take off and approximately opposite the public viewing area there was a brief emission of “white smoke” from the underside centre of the aircraft in the vicinity of the main gear bays. I assumed this was caused by the prop wash disturbing some white marking on the grass which if so, I apologise for wasting your time.

  2. jeff Taylor

    Sounds like the undercart needs a serious talking to,, kidding aside I am sorry to hear this, hope its an easy fix and is gentle on the wallet. I assume shock loading of the engine is a concern here? or not?

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