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Squadron Leader Joe Blyth †

Squadron Leader Joe Blyth, who has died aged 86, was an outstanding RAF fighter pilot decorated five times for his post-war service, which included operations in Korea, Suez, Aden and Oman. Read his obituary on The Telegraph.

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  1. Sean Blyth

    My father .So many lovely tributes have been written and Im so proud. RIP Dad x

  2. john warner

    Colin (Joe) Blyth was my Cousin. My Mother Florence Edith Warner (Nee) Chiswell was Aunt Peggy,s younger Sister.

  3. john warner

    Sorry mixed up the Sisters Colin’ s Mother was Nora. I believe that when I was young she lived in Soho , London where she ran a hotel.

  4. Sean Blyth

    I never knew Aunt Peggy had a younger sister.

  5. John Warner

    Nora Blyth, Colin’s mother was from a fairly large family Her Father Samuel Lucas Chiswell was married to Kathleen Vaughan and the children were Ethel Chiswell born 1895, William Chiswell born 1897, John Vaughan Chiswell (Jack) born1900, Norah Chiswell born 1902, Kathleen Chiswell born 1905, Maureen Chiswell born 1907, Samuel Lucas Vaughan Chiswell born 1909 Aand my Mother Florence Edith Chiswell born 1912.

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