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May 30 2015

Cockpit footage of TBM Avenger’s emergency landing during Arsenal Of Democracy VE Day Flyover

A very interesting video shot from the pilot’s helmet cam, showing the emergency landing of a TBM Avenger seconds before the flyover. What was initially thought to be smoke and fire prooved to be vapourized hydraulic fluid. Nobody was hurt in the incident, and the damage was repaired very quickly. The video also shows the …

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Feb 14 2015

Flying Legends Air Show 2015 Trailer

Happy Saint Valentine’s, airplane lovers! 😉

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Feb 02 2015

Fantasy of Flight – New Museum opens

Fantasy of Flight’s new Museum opens on Friday, January 30th 2015. This smaller, light version of Fantasy of Flight will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Admission will be: $12.00 Adults, $10.00 Seniors and $8.00 for Kids.

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Jan 07 2015

Was the Flanker the first aircraft capable of executing the Cobra maneuver?

In 1989 at the Paris air show, Viktor Pugachev in the Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker made the first public display of what became known as “Pugachev’s Cobra”, despite the fact that the maneuver was pioneered by LII test pilot Igor Volk during the Flanker’s trials. The maneuver is mostly useless in air combat but has always …

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Jul 08 2014

Video: Memorial Flight LVG C.VI in flight

Memorial Flight has uploaded a video of its LVG C.VI reproduction flying with an original Benz Bz.IV engine, above la Ferté Alais airfield in France. The aircraft was built by the Memorial Flight Association in France, for The Vintage Aviator Collection based in New-Zealand. More details and pictures of the build on Memorial Flight’s website …

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May 02 2014

Video: Flying Legends 2014

20 years of Flying Legends by Chris G.

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Mar 03 2014

Video: Reno air Races – Rare 1965 Sky Ranch Documentary

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Jan 05 2014

Video: Bloch MB-152 digital recreation project

Following yesterday’s article on the MB-152 project, here is a video giving an overview of the project. Unfortunately for many readers, it’s in French but contains interesting wartime footage and images of the project. Source

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Jan 26 2013

Video: FHC F6F Hellcat first engine runs

The Flying Heritage Collection’s F6F Hellcat was recently restored and its first post-restoration engine runs were carried out yesterday, January 25. The aircraft is yet to receive its definitive markings.

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Jan 21 2013

Video: Planes of Fame D4Y Judy’s first engine test

A Yokosuka D4Y-3 Type 33.

The Planes of Fame Museum’s Yokosuka D4Y “Judy” went through its first post-restoration engine run on December 1st in Chino, with Steve Hinton in the cockpit. The aircraft is equiped with a Pratt & Whitney R-1830, replacing the original Japanese engine. There are presently only two preserved Judys, the other one being located in Japan. …

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Dec 24 2012

Video: Spitfire Mk IX RR232’s first flight at Filton

Uploaded by Oldham Video Productions on Youtube.

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Aug 10 2012

Video: First flight of the IL-2M3 Shturmovik in the US

The sole airworthy IL-2 Shturmovik in the world, which is part of Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage Collection, made its maiden flight since its arrival in the United States. The pilot for the flight was Steve Hinton. Video by Jason R. Fortenbacher.

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May 29 2012

Bloody Foreigners: Polish pilots in the Battle of Britain

This documentary tells the story of the Polish pilots of No 303 Squadron during the Battle of Britain.

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May 22 2012

Video: first flight of Memorial Flight’s Sopwith 1B2 1½ Strutter

Memorial Flight has posted a video of the first flight of its  Sopwith 1B2 1½ Strutter, which flew on April 30. More information is available on Memorial Flight’s website. Comme promis, l’équipe de Mémorial Flight vient de diffuser une vidéo plus étoffée du premier vol de son Sopwith 1B2 1½ Strutter, qui a eu lieu …

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Mar 19 2012

A trailer for Flying Legends 2012

The people from The Fighter Collection have created a trailer for the upcoming Flying Legends meeting in Duxford (Saturday 31st of June and Sunday 1st of July) Enjoy!

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