Nov 11 2014

Art Nalls to import twin-seat Harrier from the UK

A Harrier T.8 (ZD990) bearing FAA colours. (Photo I wish I was Flying (CC BY-ND 2.0))

A Harrier T.8 (ZD990) bearing FAA colours. (Photo I wish I was Flying (CC BY-ND 2.0))

Art Nalls, owner of the world’s only civilian Harrier jump jet, will soon be importing a twin-seat Harrier T.8 from the UK. This will allow him to offer joy rides and flight training on the Harrier, which is known as a difficult aircraft to master.

The aircraft is ZD993, A T.8 airframe in very good shape bearing the colours of the British Fleet Air Arm’s 899 Squadron. ZD993 flew with the RAF and the FAA during its military career and will likely be participating in airshows in 2015.

Read the full story on Warbirds News

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Oct 29 2014

Handley-Page Halifax discovered in Norwegian fjord

Handley Page Halifax Norwegian fjord

(Video still from NTNU AUR-LAB via

A research team from the Marine Technology Center at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway has discovered the sunken wreck of an RAF Handley Page Halifax under roughly 180m of water on the bottom of a nearby fjord.

The aircraft is very likely Halifax Mk II W7656 of No 35 Squadron, lost on 26 April 1942 while attacking the German battleship Tirpitz. Two crewmen, Sgt.Columbine (navigator) and Sgt. Evans (W/Op & Gunner), perished in the crash.

Read the full story on Warbirds News

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Oct 03 2014

Wing Commander Bob Bray †

Wing Commander Bob BrayWing Commander Bob Bray, who has died aged 93, was a bomber pilot with the RAF who lit up targets in the Ruhr and during the lead-up to D-Day. He flew 94 missions over Europe and was twice awarded the DFC.

Read his obituary on The Telegraph.

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Sep 26 2014

Folland Gnat F.1 to be restored

The Folland Gnats of the Gnat Display Team during a demonstration. (Photo Paul Lucas (CC BY 2.0))

The Folland Gnats of the Gnat Display Team during a demonstration. (Photo Paul Lucas (CC BY 2.0))

The former Indian air force Folland Gnat F.1 E296 is now under restoration with the Heritage Aircraft Trust/Gnat Display Team at North Weald. It is a genuine British-built Gnat, not a Hindustan Ajeet, and should become the only single-seat Gnat to fly in the UK.

More information from Aeroplane Monthly.

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Sep 22 2014

Jimmy Dodds †

Jimmy DoddsJimmy Dodds, one of the Royal Air Force’s most successful fighter pilots, has passed away aged 92. Flying outclassed Hurricane fighters in North Africa in 1941 and 1942, he shot down many Italian and German fighters.

Read his obituary on The Telegraph.

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Aug 23 2014

Jean Sauvage, Normandie-Niémen fighter pilot and ace †

Jean SauvageThe commandant Jean Sauvage, who fought with the famous Normandie-Niémen fighter group on the Eastern Front, recently passed away aged 97.

Flying Morane-Saulnier MS. 406 fighters with GC III/3 during the Battle of France, he was credited with three shared aerial victories. He was sent to North Africa after the armistice and joined the Allied forces after the North Afircan landings in late 1942. He was credited with another shared victory during this period.

He volunteered for the “Normandie” fighter group, which he rejoined in January 1944. On October 27, 1944, he was credited with his only Easter Front victory when he shot down a Focke-Wulf Fw 190, making him an ace. (French standards for ‘acedom’ included shared victories).

He left the air force shortly after the war and became a captain with Air France.

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Aug 10 2014

Wing Commander Bob Foster †

Bob FosterWing Commander Bob Foster, who has died aged 94,  was a Battle of Britain fighter pilot who went on to become an ace flying Spitfires in defence of Australia.

In 2004, Bob Foster was reunited with Hawker Hurricane R4118, which he flew during the Battle of Britain.

After the war Foster worked for Shell-Mex and BP as a marketing executive until his retirement in 1975. He published his autobiography, “Tally Ho!”, in 2009.

Read his obituary on The Telegraph.

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Aug 06 2014

RNHF Sea Fury damaged in emergency accident

The Hawker Sea Fury T.20 VX281 operated by the Royal Navy Historical Flight was damaged in an emergency landing during an airshow at RNAS Culdrose on Friday July 31st. The pilot was able to land the aircraft but the main landing gear failed and the aircraft exited the runway and ended its landing run on its belly.

The causes of the accident are not yet known and an investigation has been launched.

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Aug 04 2014

Shuttleworth Collection’s DH.88 Comet “Grosvenor House” flies again

"Grosvenor House" in the Shuttleworth Collection's hangar. (Photo Jimmy3d0)

“Grosvenor House” in the Shuttleworth Collection’s hangar. (Photo Jimmy3d0)

The Shuttleworth Collection’s de Havilland DH.88 Comet « Grosvenor House » G-ACSS flew again from Old Warden on Friday August 1 with chief pilot Roger Bailey at the controls. The aircraft hadn’t flown in nearly twelve years and the two lengthy test flights went well.

Of only five DH.88 racers built by de Havilland, “Grosvenor House” was probably the most remarkable and gained fame by winning many races and establishing records, including the 1934 McRobertson Air Race, when it flew from the UK to Australia in 70 hours and 55 minutes.

More details and pictures can be read from Global Aviation Ressource Read the rest of this entry »

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Jul 27 2014

Lettice Curtis †

Lettice CurtisLettice Curtis, who has died aged 99, was arguably the most remarkable woman pilot of the Second World War, flying a wide range of military combat aircraft with the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) and being the first woman to qualify to fly a four-engine bomber.

After ferrying Spitfires and other types to frontline squadrons, she gained her helicopter pilot licence at the age of 77.

Read her obituary on The Telegraph.

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Jul 16 2014

July 2014 issue of Airshow available

Aishow-juillet-2014The latest issue of Airshow, the Commemorative Air Force French Wing’s monthly newsletter, is now available.

This issue contains sad news as we’ve learned of the decease of Sandy Sansing, World War II fighter pilot and long-time French Wing honorary member. An article about Sandy’s extraordinary story was published in Airshow in 2005 and is “reprinted” in this issue.

You can download Airshow from the CAF French Wing’s website.

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Jul 08 2014

Video: Memorial Flight LVG C.VI in flight

Memorial Flight has uploaded a video of its LVG C.VI reproduction flying with an original Benz Bz.IV engine, above la Ferté Alais airfield in France.

The aircraft was built by the Memorial Flight Association in France, for The Vintage Aviator Collection based in New-Zealand.
More details and pictures of the build on Memorial Flight’s website :

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Jun 21 2014

Photos from La Ferté-Alais airshow

DSC_0620Here are a few photos from the meeting “Le Temps des Hélices” which takes place every year in La Ferté-Alais, south of Paris. As I am no expert photographer, only a few of my photographs were worth publishing, so the selection is somewhat limited when compared to the list of aircraft that were displayed.

I’m sorry for posting these pictures so late (they were taken on June 7): as shown by my (stupid) mistake of yesterday, I have a lot of work and very little free time these days… Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Photos (C) Bertrand Brown

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Jun 19 2014

de Havilland Mosquito flies in Canada

On June 16, Mosquito B.35 VR796 (CF-HML) made its first flight from Victoria airport in Canada following a very long restoration. The aircraft, which had not flown in 48 years, was piloted by Steve Hinton. There are only two airworthy Mosquito in the world currently, the other one being Jerry Yagen’s Mosquito FB.26 KA114 which first flew in 2012.


NB: The flight took place in Victoria, Canada, and not Australia as initially reported. Mea maxima culpa.  :-(

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Jun 02 2014

World’s only Bristol Blenheim to fly again

The Blenheim at Duxford in 2002 (Photo I Wish I was Flying (CC BY-ND 2.0))

The Blenheim at Duxford in 2002 (Photo I Wish I was Flying (CC BY-ND 2.0))

The Bristol Blenheim (ex-Bolingbroke) Mk IV L6739, currently being restored by ARCo, was unveiled on May 30, a few days after its first engines run.

The aircraft was restored in 1987 but crashed a month after a maiden flight. Following this, it was repaired and flew again 5 years later, wearing the colours of a RAF Blenheim Mk IV. After ten years of flight operations, it was severely damaged in a landing accident at Duxford and was thought to be a write-off. Nevertheless, it was patiently rebuilt, this time with a Blenheim Mk I “short nose”.

The first flight should take place soon, and will make the aircraft the only airworthy example of its type.

Source (with photos): Global Aviation Ressource

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