Feb 04 2016

P-51C Mustang “Tuskegee Airmen” damaged in wheels-up landing

The P-51C Mustang “Tuskegee Airmen” of the Commemorative Air Force’s Red Tail Squadron was damaged in a wheels-up landing yesterday in Dallas. Pilot and Unit Leader Bill Shepard walked away from the accident unhurt.

The restaured aircraft made its first flight in 2001 and was used to honour the memory of the Tuskegee airmen. In May 2004, it crashed in Minnesota, pilot Don Hinz dying from his wounds a few days later. It was rebuilt in only five years and flew again in July 2009.




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Feb 03 2016

Pfalz D.VIII replica powered by original engine to be built in Sweden

(Photo Mikael Carlson Flying Machines)

(Photo Mikael Carlson Flying Machines)

The well-known WW1 aircraft builder and collector Mikael Carlson of Sweden has announced that he is building a Pfalz D.VIII replica that will be powered by an original 200 hp Siemens-Halske Sh.III rotary engine.

The Pfalz D.VIII first flew in 1918. Some 120 were ordered by Germany based on its expected high performance, but only 40 machines were produced before the war ended, these being mostly used for evaluation.

Source: Mikael Carlson Flying Machines

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Jan 31 2016

Flight Lieutenant Eric Garland †

Flight Lieutenant Eric Garland (Photo via The Telegraph)

Flight Lieutenant Eric Garland (Photo via The Telegraph)

Flight Lieutenant Eric Garland, who has died aged 95, served throughout the Second World War, initially in the Army and then with the RAF; he was decorated three times, including two MCs for gallantry.

Read his obituary on The Telegraph.

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Jan 31 2016

Squadron Leader Keith Thiele †

Squadron Leader Keith Thiele (Photo via The Telegraph)

Squadron Leader Keith Thiele (Photo via The Telegraph)

Squadron Leader Keith Thiele, who has died aged 94, was decorated four times as a bomber and a fighter pilot and was one of only four New Zealand-born airmen to earn three DFCs; he also won a DSO.

Read his obituary on The Telegraph.

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Jan 30 2016

A6M Zero flies again in Japan

Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero AI-112 (NX553TT) seen at Mojave Airport during the shooting of the movie "Pearl Harbor". (Photo Alan Wilson (CC BY-SA 2.0))

Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero AI-112 (NX553TT) seen at Mojave Airport during the shooting of the movie “Pearl Harbor”. (Photo Alan Wilson (CC BY-SA 2.0))

An A6M Zero flew in Japan on the Wednesday 27 January, with Skip Holm at the controls. While many media have inaccurately reported that this was the first time a Zero has flown in Japan since WW2, it is the first flight by a Japanese-owned Zero since the war.

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Jan 20 2016

P-40N Warhawk “Bonnie Kaye” first flight

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On 11 January 2016, the P-40N Warhawk “Bonnie Kaye” made its maiden flight in Ocala, Florida, after a lengthy restoration. The pilot for the first flight was Mike Burke, who made several flights and reported everything was fine.

The aircraft is a veteran of the Aleutians campaigns, but carries the famous skull of the 80th Fighter Grop “Burma Banshees” on its port side.  Lost in July 1945, this P-40N was recovered in the 1990s and bought in 2004 by Chris and Gail Kirchner who restored it.

More info and photos on Warbirds News.

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Jan 20 2016

Caudron G.III and Morane-Saulnier BB replicas for Czech aviation Museum

A Morane-Saulnier BB of the Royal Flying Corps. (Photo San Diego Air and Space Museum)

A Morane-Saulnier BB of the Royal Flying Corps. (Photo San Diego Air and Space Museum)

The Letecké muzeum Kbely will soon be receiving two World War I aircraft replicas for its collections:a Morane-Saulnier BB, a 1915 observation biplane designed for the Royal Flying Corps, and a Caudron G.III.

The Caudron replica will be built using modern techniques and aluminium tubes, and will be powered by a Rotec R2800 engine. Its dimensions appear to be slightly inferior to the original design. It is currently being covered and assembled.

The Morane-Saulnier BB replica will be powered by an 80-hp Continental flat four, in place of the 80-hp Le Rhône rotary engine of the original aircraft. Once complete, it will be prepared for its maiden flight.

Source: EarlyAero.com

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Jan 14 2016

The Flying Lesson

The Flying Lesson is an ambitious action/drama short film involving air-to-air stunt sequences with a vintage WWII Tiger Moth bi-plane.

After the recent death of her grandfather, Phoebe Sanderson (Jessica Blake) takes a flying lesson in the exact plane her grandfather flew in WWII, a recently restored Tiger Moth. With a sense of trepidation, she takes flight with a promise to keep. Only a chauvinistic flying instructor (Richard J. Fletcher) with a secret stands in her way…

Find out more about this short movie on Vimeo: The Flying Lesson.

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Jan 11 2016

Tracey Curtis-Taylor on the footsteps of Amy Johnson

Tracey Curtis-Taylor (© www.birdinabiplane.com)

Tracey Curtis-Taylor (© www.birdinabiplane.com)

On January 9, 2016, british pilot Tracey Curtis-Taylor landed in Sydney, Australia, in her 1942 Stearman “Spirit of Artemis”. The 53 year-old pilot had flown 21,000 km in 50 legs since her departure from Farnborough in the UK in October 2015, replicating Amy Johnson’s 1930 flight when she became the first women to fly solo from the UK to Australia.

After landing, Tracey said she needed “a drink and a haircut”. Her route took her “across Europe and the Mediterranean to Jordan, over the Arabian desert, across the Gulf of Oman to Pakistan, India and across Asia”.

Find out more about this remarkable journey on Tracey Curtis-Taylor’s website: Bird in a Biplane.

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Jan 06 2016

Concorde’s test pilot André Turcat passes away

André TurcatFrenchman André Turcat, test pilot for the Concorde supersonic airliner, passed away on January 4, 2016. Born in 1921, he graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique in 1940, joined the Free French Air Force in the final years of the war, was a doctor in literature, a Christian art history teacher, author and founder of the French Académie Nationale de l’Air et de l’Espace, but found fame as a test pilot.

After serving with distinction in Indochina, flying the C-47, he was admitted at the EPNER test pilot school, from which he graduated in 1951.

He joined Nord Aviation and took over the test program of the ramjet Nord 1500 Griffon, with which he established several speed and climb world records.

He later joined Sud Aviation (which became Aérospatiale), working as director of test flights from 1962 to 1976. He also became chief test pilot for the Concorde, and flew its maiden flight on 2 March 1969, and its first supersonic flight on 1 October 1969.

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Jan 04 2016

Fantasy of Flight TP-40N flies again after four and a half years

Fantasy of Flight’s Curtiss TP-40N Warhawk has flown again after four and a half years. Kermit Weeks report on Fantasy of Flight’s YouTube channel:

If you’ll remember, the last time I flew it, FOUR AND A HALF YEARS AGO, the landing gear didn’t want to come up so I immediately put it down and landed safely. I had already bellied in my other P-40E due to a problem and didn’t want a repeat episode. I decided not to fly this one again until we re-installed an original emergency system, which for some reason in the past was taken out! This involved having special components made, pulling the fuel tanks out to install them, and then doing lots of gear swings. Finally we were able to get her out and take her for the test flight. She ran great! Check it out.

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Jan 02 2016

First engine run for world’s only airworthy Bf 109G-6

Testrun Bf109 G-6 “Black 8”Testrun Bf109 G-6 “Schwarze 8″Wir wünschen allen Hangar10 Freunden ein frohes und besinnliches Weihnachtsfest. Wir können es kaum erwarten diesen schönen Flieger bei uns zu haben.#Messerschmitt #Bf109 #Me109 #MeierMotorsGmbH #MerryChristmas

Posted by Hangar10 on Friday, December 25, 2015

On December 30, 2015, the Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 “Black 8” WkNr 440738 made its first post-restauration engine runs on the former airbase of Bremgarten, Germany. The aircraft flew with JagdGeschwader 27 when it crashed on 29 May 1944. Its restauration began in 2007 in Austria.

In 2013, it was acquired by the Air Fighter Academy in Zirchow, Germany, which continued the restoration with Meier Motors. “Black 8” will be the only airworthy Bf 109G-6.

Source: WW2 Aero


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Dec 26 2015

AirCorps Aviation launches AirCorps Library, an online warbird manuals and blueprints catalog

AirCorps Aviation recently launched AirCorps Library, an online library/catalog of over 500,000 warbird and legacy aircraft blueprints and manuals which can be accessed and printed anywhere in high definition. The catalog can be searched by part number or description.

AirCorps Aviation’s goal is to provide “an affordable membership to share resources that will help promote, preserve, and keep WWII and legacy aircraft safely flying through the 21st century.” By building a community around the library, AA hopes to increase and develop the catalog in the future.

The service comes at an affordable price os $25 to $50, depending on the selected subscription (based on groups of aircraft). A free one-day trial is available for those who would like to try the catalog before subscribing. Although AirCorps Library is not the first project of its kind, it certainly is the largest and most complete, and is backed by AirCorps Aviation’s reputation and recognized reputation in warbird restorations.



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Dec 13 2015

Old Rhinebeck Ryan NYP “Spirit of St Louis” replica has flown

The original Spirit of Saint Louis, preserved at the National Air & Space Museum. (Photo Ad Meskens)

The original Spirit of Saint Louis, preserved at the National Air & Space Museum. (Photo Ad Meskens)

The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Ryan NYP replica flew on December 5. The aircraft is said to be the most accurate replica ever built of the Ryan NYP “Spirit of St Louis” flown non-stop by Charles Lindbergh from New York to Paris in May 1927.

The maiden flight was made by Ken Cassens and went as expected. Several test flights have been made since then, and more testing is to be made.

A restored Wright J-5 Whirlwind radial was used and functional 1920s-era flight instruments were incorporated — including the same basic type of earth inductor compass used by Lindbergh.

More info (with photos):

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Dec 09 2015

Angers air museum to receive FAI recognition for AVIA 152 reconstruction

Espace Air PassionThe Espace Air Passion (formerly known as the Musée Régional de l’Air d’Angers) will receive the Phoenix Diploma from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) on December 11, for its reconstruction of an AVIA 152 glider.

The AVIA 152 was an important glider in the 1930s, with some 200 examples built of which none have survived to this day. With private funding and using original plans, the EAP built a replica of the AVIA 152 and flew it for the first time in 2010. The aircraft is identicial to the original AVIA 152, but was covered with modern and more durable canvas. The construction of the replica took 10 years to achieve.

Photos and more details (in French) can be found on AeroBuzz.fr.


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