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Oct 19 2017

First flight for Caudron G.III replica in Czech Republic

The Caudron G.III replica built for the Metodej Vlach Aircraft Museum in the Czech Republic has been finished and made its maiden flight on 23 September 2017. (h/t to Petr H.)

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May 21 2017

First flight for the Shuttleworth Collection Sopwith Camel

The Sopwith Camel replica built for the Shuttleworth Collection made its maiden flight on 18 May with chief pilot Dodge Bailey at the controls. The aircraft carries the markings of D1851 “Ikanopit”, a Camel built by Ruston-Proctor that served with the Royal Air Force’s No 70 Squadron in 1918. Sources: Aerodynamic Media The Shuttleworth Collection

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Apr 24 2017

Pilot killed in Nieuport 28 replica crash

Javier Fernando Arango was killed in the crash of his Nieuport 28 replica last Sunday near Paso Robles, California. Arango, aged 54 ans, was a board member emeritus of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museumet and owner of “one of the world’s finest private collections of World War I aircraft.” Sources: The Tribune (San Luis Obispo) …

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Oct 18 2016

Video: Sopwith Pup replica flies in Spokane

Dr Larry Howard’s Sopwith Pup replica recently flew in Spokane, Washington. The aircraft is powered by a Le Rhône engine and is identical to original Sopwith Pups, except for modern magnetos. Its construction required eight years of work. Source: Page Facebook de l’Antique Airplane Association

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Feb 10 2016

Blériot XI replica with Anzani engine displayed in Budapest

From the Early Aero blog: a Blériot XI replica, similar to the one used by Louis Blériot to cross the Channel and built from contemporary blueprints was recently displayed in the Vigadó Concert Hall in Budapest, Hungary. The replica is powered by a 3-cylinder Anzani engine replica. Built by the Hungarian Vintage Glider Club, it has received a certificate of airworthiness and is …

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Feb 03 2016

Pfalz D.VIII replica powered by original engine to be built in Sweden

The well-known WW1 aircraft builder and collector Mikael Carlson of Sweden has announced that he is building a Pfalz D.VIII replica that will be powered by an original 200 hp Siemens-Halske Sh.III rotary engine. The Pfalz D.VIII first flew in 1918. Some 120 were ordered by Germany based on its expected high performance, but only 40 …

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Jan 20 2016

Caudron G.III and Morane-Saulnier BB replicas for Czech aviation Museum

The Letrecké Muzeum Metoděje Vlacha will soon be receiving two World War I aircraft replicas for its collections:a Morane-Saulnier BB, a 1915 observation biplane designed for the Royal Flying Corps, and a Caudron G.III. The Caudron replica will be built using modern techniques and aluminium tubes, and will be powered by a Rotec R2800 engine. …

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Dec 13 2015

Old Rhinebeck Ryan NYP “Spirit of St Louis” replica has flown

The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Ryan NYP replica flew on December 5. The aircraft is said to be the most accurate replica ever built of the Ryan NYP “Spirit of St Louis” flown non-stop by Charles Lindbergh from New York to Paris in May 1927. The maiden flight was made by Ken Cassens and went as …

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Dec 09 2015

Angers air museum to receive FAI recognition for AVIA 152 reconstruction

The Espace Air Passion (formerly known as the Musée Régional de l’Air d’Angers) will receive the Phoenix Diploma from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) on December 11, for its reconstruction of an AVIA 152 glider. The AVIA 152 was an important glider in the 1930s, with some 200 examples built of which none have survived …

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Nov 07 2015

Extremely Accurate Fokker D.VIII Replica For Sale

If you want to treat someone, or yourself, to a very special Christmas gift, you might want to consider this. Fred Murrin, well known for his very accurate World War I aircraft reproductions, is currently finishing a very accurate Fokker D.VIII for Brian Coughlin in New York. The fighter is complete with printed lozenge, hand …

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Sep 17 2015

Fokker D.VIII replica with original Gnome engine flies at Old Rhinebeck

Brian Coughlin flew his Fokker D.VIII replica equipped with an original 160-hp rotary Gnome engine at Old Rhinebek Aerodrome last weekend. Coughlin built the aircraft in the early 1990s before selling it to Kermit Weeks’ Fantasy of Flight. He purchased the aircraft back in July of this year and equipped it with an overhauled Gnome …

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Sep 14 2015

Latécoère 28 to be built in France

Le Cercle des Machines Volantes, based in the city of Compiègne, north of Paris, is planning to build a Latécoère 28, a legendary aircraft used by France’s Aéropostale airmail service in the 1930s. Thanks to the support of the Latécoère foundation, the CMV has acquired and scanned the entire blueprints for the aircraft and is …

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Aug 07 2015

Video: Mosquito .75 accident aftermath

Source: Panoranews

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Aug 07 2015

Crewmember seriously injured in Mosquito 3/4 replica accident in France

In yet another incident in just a few days, a crewmember has been seriously injured in the accident of the Mosquito .75, a 3/4-scale de Havilland Mosquito replica built by RRAA (Reconstructions et répliques d’avions anciens). After a safe landing at Fontenay-le-Comte, the aircraft is reported to have flipped over while taxiing. Source: Ouest France

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Jul 22 2015

Rimowa to produce several new-build Junkers F13

Rimowa, manufacturer of aluminium and polucarbonate luggage, will build several Rimowa F13, based on the famous Junkers F13 of 1919, the world’s first all-metal commercial aircraft. The first flight and certification should take place in 2016, and it is already possible to place an order for these aircraft. Some safety modifications will distinguish the Rimowa …

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