Big Beautiful Doll

P-51 "Big Beautiful Doll" (Photo Simon (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))

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  1. One of the most beautiful aircraft ever designed. Time will never catch up with the beauty and grace of a Mustang. Not very many pilots live that are involved ina low mid air. The only thing better than listing to the V 12 Merlin snarl by at low altitude is to be in one when it is doing it. The last and greatest Mustand pilot was kind enough to take more for a ride in his 51. He did it all and we were doing over 400 mph when he leveled out doing Cuban eights in S. Texas. Once you have done aerobatics in a 51 with a skilled pilot no other airplane ride is quit the same. Took me 18 years to get the ride but t was worth the wait as lefty was the best of the best as he won 1st in the gold cup heat in 1976 in his mustang. Thankk God noone lost their life but it is sad to see such a beautiful aircraft lost. Scott in Texas. Home of the Confederate Air Force.

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