Record-breaking F-16 Falcon retired and displayed in IAF museum

(Photo IAF Museum)

(Photo IAF Museum)

F-16 Fighting Falcon No 107 of the Israeli Air Force was retired and is now part o the collections of the IAF Museum located at the Hatzerim airbase in Negev. This aircraft holds the distinction of being the F-16 with the greatest number of air-to-air victories, with a total of 7.

No 107 entered service in 1980 and took part in the historical raid against the Iraki nuclear plant on 7 June 1981 with Major General Amos Yadlin at its controls.

It achieved its first air-to-air kill on 21 April 1982 when Colonel Zeev Raz shot down a Syrian MiG-23 with a missile. On June 9, it was used in the destruction of two other Syrian MiG-23 by commander Eliezer Shakedi and Colonel Elian Sativa. Finally, on 11 June 1982, it was used to destroy two more Syrian MiG-23, a Sukhoi Su-17 and a Gazelle helicopter, still with Sativa at the controls.

From 1995, it was used as a training aircraft for IAF cadets and was retired in 1994. It was cleaned up and prepared before joining the collections of the IAF museum.

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