Landing accident for Hurricane P3351 after La Ferté-Alais airshow

Hurricane P3351 @ La Ferté-Alais 2015 © Bertrand BrownHawker Hurricane P3351 left the runway and ended on its nose in a landing accident at Dijon-Darois Sunday afternoon. Reportedly, nobody was injured in the accident. The aircraft had taken part in the large airshow in La Ferté-Alais on Saturday and Sunday.

Source: Bien Public

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    • James on August 9, 2015 at 1:06 PM
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    Wonder if this was a burst brake bag? If you don’t have enough speed for rudder effectiveness, and are too far gone in a swing to open the throttle to get airstream over the rudder, a temporary fix in all likelihood, not much you can do, you’re just along for the ride. Naturally American aircraft normally had steerable tailwheels so no problem with assymetric or dual brake failure, but not with the Hurricane? I know the Spitfire has a castoring tailwheel, so not steerable with rudder inputs.

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