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Kenneth H. Dahlberg †

Kenneth H. Dahlberg, World War II fighter ace with 14.5 victories to his credit, died on October 5 aged 94. Shot down and captured during the war, he became a successful businessman upon his return to the USA. He played a key role in the Watergate scandal. Part of the money used to fund the …

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Reno Air Races cancelled after deadly crash

(Updated 09/19/11 @ 23:07) The heavily modified P-51 “The Galloping Ghost”, flown by 74 year-old veteran racer Jimmy Leeward, crashed in Reno yesterday at 4:20 PM, very close to the crowd. According to a recent police report, the pilot was killed upon impact and six spectators were killed by projected debris. Another two died from their …

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Air Commodore ‘Dim’ Strong †

Air Commodore ‘Dim’ Strong, who died on August 21 aged 97, had to ditch his Wellington bomber in the North Sea; after being rescued by fishermen, he and his crew were given “a hell of a party” by officers of the Luftwaffe before being sent to a PoW camp. Read the obituary on the Telegraph.

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Rear Admiral “Chico” Roberts †

Rear-Admiral “Chico” Roberts, who has died aged 93, was one of the Royal Navy’s most experienced aviators and saw action in two of the last century’s major conflicts. Read his obituary on the Telegraph.

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Lieutenant-Commander Peter Twiss †

Lieutenant-Commander Peter Twiss, who died on August 31 aged 90, was one of Britain’s foremost postwar test pilots and the first man to fly faster than 1,000mph. Read his obituary on the Telegraph.

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Douglas Warren †

World War II Canadian fighter pilot Douglas “Duke” Warren died on Sunday August 28th, aged 89. He joined the RCAF at age 18 in 1940, along with his identical twin brother Bruce. Both served as flight commanders with No 165 Squadron in Europe, a unique situation in the annals of the conflict. Bruce, known as …

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Group Captain Billy Drake †

Group Captain Billy Drake, one of the leading British Commowealth aces of World War II with 20 enemy aircraft confirmed destroyed, six probable and nine damaged, died on August 28, aged 93. He fought in France, the United-Kingdom, West and North Africa and Malta, flying Hurricanes, Spitfires and Tomahawks. Read the obituary on the Telegraph.

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Bird strike could have caused Red Arrows crash

The Daily Mail has run an article suggesting that the crash that killed F/L Jon Egging last Saturday might be due to a total loss of power after a bird strike. The article also suggests that the pilot might not have been able to eject due to excessive G forces as he turned his aircraft …

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Warrant Officer Tom McLean DFC, DFM †

The legendary aerial gunner Thomas Joseph McLean died on July 20, aged 89. He is arguably the highest-scoring gunner, his DFC citation crediting him with seven confirmed kills as well as two probables. Postwar research indicated the two probables were actually destroyed, giving him a total of nine aerial kills, but McLean always limited his …

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Two people killed in Fouga Magister crash

A man and a woman were killed this morning in the crash of their Fouga CM.170 Magister (F-AZZE) in a field near Champs-de-la-Pierre in France. The causes of the accident are yet unknown but according to witnesses, visibility was  limited by fog when the accident occurred, shortly after 9:00 AM local time. 

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Flt Lt Geoffrey Osborn †

Flight Lieutenant Geoffrey Osborn, who has died aged 89, was twice forced to crash-land his bomber, on both occasions rescuing members of his crew from the burning wreckage despite being injured; for his acts of gallantry he was awarded the George Medal. Read the obituary on the Telegraph.

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Two killed in Wright “B” Flyer replica crash

Test pilots Mitchell Cary (63) and Don Gum (71) were killed on Saturday July 30 when their Wright “B” Flyer replica crashed a few miles from Springfield Beckley Municipal Airport, Ohio. The cause of the accident is yet unknown, but witnesses reported hearing the engine sputter. 

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Flight Lieutenant Neill Cox †

Flight Lieutenant Neill Cox, who has died aged 88, won two DFCs for flying operations in the Mediterranean; he was also noted in the Service for once taking off in his Spitfire completely unaware that a WAAF mechanic was clinging on to the tailplane. Read the obituary on the Telegraph.

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Lt Cdr Bill Henley, FAA †

Lieutenant-Commander Bill Henley, who has died aged 88, was one of the few pilots whose war career spanned the age of the biplane and the jet; on one occasion he hunted down and destroyed a German U-boat. Read the obituary on the Telegraph.

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Airshow performer Greg Poe dies aged 57

Greg Poe, a renowned airshow performer with over 10,000 flight hours in over 100 types of aircraft died from what appears to be a heart attack on Sunday, July 24th. Source: Idaho Press Tribune.

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