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Spitfire Mk XVIII flies again in Duxford

Spitfire Mk XVIIIe SM845 flew for the first time since 2010 on December 17 in Duxford, with John Romain at the controls. The aircraft now carries colours of a No 28 Squadron RAF Spitfire based in Hong Kong in 1950. The aircraft was rebuilt after the 2010 crash in Norway that cost pilot Bertil Gerhardt …

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Unique Lockheed Vega flies again

On December 17th,  a unique 1933 Lockheed Vega belonging to John Magoffin flew again. It is is one of nineVegas built by the Detroit Aircraft Corporation as part of the DL-1 series (for “Detroit Lockheed”). The Detroit-built Vega had aluminum fuselages, while the original Vega from Lockheed in California was plywood skinned. Sources: Another Time …

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First flight of the Replic’Air Morane-Saulnier Type G in France

The Morane-Saulnier Type G replica built by the French association Replic’Air made its maiden flight in the early evening of Saturday August 10th at Auch-Gers airport. The pilot for the flight was Christophe Marchand, and everything was reported as working well. A second flight was made with Nils Harald Hansen, and more test flights are …

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Chipmunk WZ877 flies again in France

The de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk WZ877 (F-AZLI) flew for the first time in La Rochelle, France, on June 23. The aircraft had been sold from RAF stock in 1996 but had never flown again. Bought in 2010 by MM. Gilles Carter and Patrick Pierre-Pierre, pilot for the first flight, it was restored to airworthy …

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Fantasy of Flight Stinson L-1 flies again

The Fantasy of Flight Stinson L-1 Vigilant flew again on July 18 after a lengthy restoration process. The plane flew for 25 minutes and only minor adjustments were found to be necessary. More information and pictures can be found on Warbird News.

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Bréguet Alizé flies again in France

The Bréguet Alizé n°59, restored by Alizé Marine, flew again last Saturday in Nîmes. Two test flights were made, lasting 12 and 30 minutes. The flights were made by Jean Ivars, a former French Navy pilot, and were satisfactory. The aircraft will possibly be presented at the Salon du Bourget airshow this summer in Paris. …

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Flying Heritage Collection F6F Hellcat first flight

Flying Heritage Collection test flew their newly restored Grumman F6F-5N for the very first time on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 with Steve Hinton at the controls. The Hellcat is their latest addition to the collection and will be flying for the 2013 season here at Paine Field in Everett, Washington. Source: fight2flyphoto on YouTube

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Breguet Alizé to fly in France

The association Breguet Alizé, which is mostly composed of former French Navy personnel, has been working for the last few months on restoring their Breguet Alizé ASW aircraft back to flying status. Engine runs and taxiing tests began at the end of 2012 and the association has now received permission to make test flights with …

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Video: Spitfire Mk IX RR232’s first flight at Filton

Uploaded by Oldham Video Productions on Youtube.

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Spitfire Mk IX flies again at Filton

The Spitfire Mk IX RR232 / G-BSRF made its maiden flight at Filton, in the UK, on December 18 with test pilot Bill Perrins at the commands. The date was also the last day of operations of Filton airport, which was definitively closed on December 18. The Spitfire had not flown in 61 years and …

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BBMF Spitfire Mk XVI flies again

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI TE311 flew again for the first time in 58 years on October 29. It took twelve years for the BBMF team to restore this aircraft to airworthiness. Although TE311 is not itself a combat veteran, it carries the colours of the aircraft flown by Squadron …

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Centaurus-engined Sea Fury flies again in California

The Hawker Sea Fury T.20 VX300/N924G flew again on September 25 at Ione, California, with Brian Sanders at the controls. The aircraft is powered by a Bristol Centaurus. Its restoration took 14 years and was carried out by Sanders Aeronautics. Source: Aeroplane Monthly

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Grumman F3F flies again

A rare Grumman F3F-2 flew again recentely at Sonoma Valley Airport in California, with pilot and restorer Chris Prevost at the controls.

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Mosquito KA114 flies in Auckland

A few days earlier than planned, Mosquito FB.26 KA114 flew in Auckland yesterday. Several videos showing the event are available from YouTube:

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Avro Anson Mk I MH120 flies again in New Zealand

Bill Reid took his Avro Anson Mk I up for its first flight on July 18 at Nelson Airport in New Zealand, after a ten-year restoration effort. The uneventful first flight lasted 45 minutes and was followed by another one-hour flight on the same day. This is th first time an Avro Anson Mk I …

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