Mar 25 2013

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Breguet Alizé to fly in France

A Breguet Alizé preserved in Southern France by the CAEA. (Photo Jérome (CC BY-NC-BD 2.0))

A Breguet Alizé preserved in Southern France by the CAEA. (Photo Jérome (CC BY-NC-BD 2.0))

The association Breguet Alizé, which is mostly composed of former French Navy personnel, has been working for the last few months on restoring their Breguet Alizé ASW aircraft back to flying status.

Engine runs and taxiing tests began at the end of 2012 and the association has now received permission to make test flights with the aircraft.

The Alizé entered service in 1959 with the French Navy and served until 2000. To our knowledge, no Alizé is currently flying although several aircraft are preserved both in France and in India, the Alizé’s only export customer.

Source (with photo): http://lignesdedefense.blogs.ouest-france.fr

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  1. Charles Trainor

    My information has Alize #50 here. Is it this aircraft or do they have another?

    1. World Warbird News

      The pictures seem to show that this one is #59, and that #50 is the one belonging to the CAEA. However, the markings visible on the pictures don’t necessarily correspond to the actual aircraft number…

  2. R Jai Shankar

    am an ex alize pilot from india. where could i see the alize in flight and can i join the association which is getting the aircraft ready. I also have an original operating procedure handbook of 1965 which i would like to give the crew Lt Cdr R Jai Shankar ( Retd ) Indian Navy email hidden; JavaScript is required

    1. World Warbird News

      Unfortunately, we have no contact info for the association. 🙁

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