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Bréguet Alizé flies again in France

The Bréguet Alizé n°59, restored by Alizé Marine, flew again last Saturday in Nîmes. Two test flights were made, lasting 12 and 30 minutes. The flights were made by Jean Ivars, a former French Navy pilot, and were satisfactory. The aircraft will possibly be presented at the Salon du Bourget airshow this summer in Paris. …

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Breguet Alizé to fly in France

The association Breguet Alizé, which is mostly composed of former French Navy personnel, has been working for the last few months on restoring their Breguet Alizé ASW aircraft back to flying status. Engine runs and taxiing tests began at the end of 2012 and the association has now received permission to make test flights with …

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