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Blue Angels to fly again in 2014

The Blue Angels, the US Navy’s flight demonstration squadron, will resume its public performances starting in the spring of 2014, a Navy spokesman has confirmed. A highly unpopular decision, the team was forced to stop its public demonstrations in April 2013 due to budget cuts.

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Unique Blue Angels Mustang for sale

A unique Ford Mustang will be auctioned at EAA’s Gathering of Eagles July 28, 2011. Clik here for more info about the car.

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Blue Angels to resume airshow appearance with former CO

The Blue Angels will resume performances for the 2011 season starting on June 18 at the Quad City Air Show. After Cdr Koss stepped down, the team cancelled all of its scheduled appearance. Captain Greg McWherter, the 2010 commanding officer, has returned to lead the team. After two weeks of intensive practice, the Blue Angels …

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Blue Angels CO voluntarily steps down

Navy Commander Dave Koss, leader of the world-famous aerobatic team the Blue Angels, has voluntarily decided to step down after leading the formation in a dangerously low maneuver at an airshow in Lynchburg. Koss said the maneuver was not in accordance with the Navy’s airborne standards and added: “This maneuver, combined with other instances of …

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