Bomber Command Veterans to raise funds for Memorial

The BBMF Lancaster in Flight. Photo by Andrew Dennes (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

Veterans of the RAF’s Bomber Command will be campaigning to raise funds to build a national memorial for their 55,573 comrades who died during World War II. Permission to build the memorial in Green Park, Central London, has already been obtained, but the construction work will only begin when the £5 million total has been reached. To date, some $2M have already been raised.

Bomber Command suffered the highest losses of any service during World War II but veterans believe that, due to political correctness and post-war questioning of the area bombing tactic used by Bomber Command, their contribution to the war effort and victory has never been properly recognized.

Visit the Daily Telegraph’s article for more information and how to contribute to the Bomber Command Memorial.

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