Legend Flyers’ Me 262 takes to the air

“White 3”, a Me 262 replica bearing the colours of Guido Mutkes’ aircraft, flew for the first time on 22 July 2011 at Paine Field, Everett, Washington. It was flown by Wolfgang Maia with Bud Granley as chase pilot. The flight was successful.

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  1. This Me.262 landed in Switzerland at Dübendorf airfield, triggering the need for swiss jet aircraft. Hence the FFA P-16 swiss-built fighter which gave its wing to the Lear Jet business jet. My new book about P-16 “P-16 – Prototypes suisses d’avions à réaction : N-20, Lear Jet, Piranha” is available on http://www.aviapic.ch/cart and on http://www.secavia.ch, the publisher’s website. The book is in french. The above video really looks like the real thing, when H.G.Mutke flew his Me.262 over Switzerland !

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