Airco DH.2 flies from Wickenby, UK to Albert, France

Un Airco DH.2 (Crown Copyright).

An Airco DH.2 flown Stewart Smith will fly from Wickenby, UK, to Albert, France, to take part in the commemorations on November 11th and overfly a memorial to Lanoe Hawker, VC, that was recently built in Ligny Thilloy.

The trip will be flown in three legs, and the crew has already succesfully made the two first legs. A special blog was created for this event: Airco DH.2 from Wickenby to the Somme – 11/11/11.

Major Lanoe Hawker, VC.

Major Lanoe Hawker was the first British ace and the third pilot to receive the Victoria Cross. He was shot down in an Airco DH.2 on 23 November 1916 by Manfred von Richtofen, the infamous “Red Baron”.

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  1. Hi, I’m researching the markings of Hawkers machine, I would be interested if you might be able to share any definitive info that could fix the appearance of his DH2 at the time of his meeting with Richtofen.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything useful cc. this aircraft. Have you tried The Aerodrome Forum and Simmers’ Paint Shop? These would be good places to get the info, IMHO.

      Best regards,

      1. Hi Thanks anyway, lots of approximate versions of his a/c and fine art interpretations.
        My question is in anticipation of the new Wingnut Wings kit. I don’t think they are including Hawkers machine in the markings options for this reason.

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