OY-1 Sentinel returns to the air

The OY-1 is the Navy's version of the L-5 Sentinel, with increased STOL capacities. (Photo Jo Hunter)

A restored Stinson OY-1 Sentinel returned to the air after a 10-year restoration on January 16 at Franklin Municipal Airport.

The aircraft was restored by the Commemorative Air Force Old Dominion Squadron at Franklin Municipal Airport.  The plan was to restore the plane to near-original condition as a Marine Observation Squadron 6 OY-1.


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    • Rory Brown on March 23, 2012 at 8:45 PM
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    Your website says: “The OY-1 is the Navy’s version of the L-5 Sentinel, with increased STOL capacities.”

    FALSE. There is no difference between the Army Air Corps version and the Navy version. The “increased STOL capabilities” were enhancements that came only on the 1945 L-5E and L-5G ambulance models in the form of droop ailerons which this 1943 airplane does not possess.

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