New Bottisham Airfield Museum website launched

The "Bottisham Four": a well-known quartet of 361st Fighter Group P-51 Mustang during World War II (Photo USAF).

The Bottisham Aifield Museum has a new website: Visit the site to get the latest news about the museum, who has been given notice by its landlord and is currently looking for a new place to move in.

The current location housing the museum is to be transformed into a residential area and a petition to save the historical Bottisham airfield has been launched. To sign the petition, please go here. (Update: the link was invalid. This has been corrected).

The BAMG needs to attract more members both in an active and supporting capacity. You can help the BAMG in different ways:

  • signing the online petition
  • buying merchandise from the museum’s shop
  • becoming a member of the BAMG for only £10 per year

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