Video: Planes of Fame D4Y Judy’s first engine test

A Yokosuka D4Y-3 Type 33.

A Yokosuka D4Y-3 Type 33.

The Planes of Fame Museum’s Yokosuka D4Y “Judy” went through its first post-restoration engine run on December 1st in Chino, with Steve Hinton in the cockpit. The aircraft is equiped with a Pratt & Whitney R-1830, replacing the original Japanese engine.

There are presently only two preserved Judys, the other one being located in Japan. The PoF Judy has reportedly been restaured to non-flying status, but will be able to taxi. It was part of a batch of Japanese aircraft found in 1991 by Bruce Fenstermaker on Babo Island, Indonesia.

Source: Aeroplane Monthly

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  1. great looking aircraft shame about engine needs original one up and running

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