AirCorps Aviation launches AirCorps Library, an online warbird manuals and blueprints catalog

AirCorps Aviation recently launched AirCorps Library, an online library/catalog of over 500,000 warbird and legacy aircraft blueprints and manuals which can be accessed and printed anywhere in high definition. The catalog can be searched by part number or description.

AirCorps Aviation’s goal is to provide “an affordable membership to share resources that will help promote, preserve, and keep WWII and legacy aircraft safely flying through the 21st century.” By building a community around the library, AA hopes to increase and develop the catalog in the future.

The service comes at an affordable price os $25 to $50, depending on the selected subscription (based on groups of aircraft). A free one-day trial is available for those who would like to try the catalog before subscribing. Although AirCorps Library is not the first project of its kind, it certainly is the largest and most complete, and is backed by AirCorps Aviation’s reputation and recognized reputation in warbird restorations.



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