Canadian Harvards recovered from Great Lakes

A Harvard of the RCAF. (Photo RCAF)

A Harvard of the RCAF. (Photo RCAF)

The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association plans on recovering elements of a North American Harvard that fell in Lake Erie in 1943.

On June 19, 1943, student pilot William Charles Smith of the RAF buzzed a passenger ship on Lake Erie and entered into a steep turning climb to avoid the ship. The 17-year old pilot lost control of the aircraft which stalled and crashed, killing him instantly.

The fuselage was recovered in order to recover Smith’s body but other parts of the aircraft were left on the lake bed. The CHAA is recovering these parts and hopes to display them at t he aircraft museum at the airport in Dunnville.

The association is also seeking two recover two Harvards that fell in Lake Ontario. One of these is reportedly in pieces while the other one is reasonably intact. CHAA president Walther Irie said “We’re hoping one will be in good enough condition to recover. That will be our primary target.”

Source: Simco Reformer

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