First post-restoration flight for P-51C Mustang “Lope’s Hope 3rd”

The P-51C-10-NT Mustang “Lope’s Hope 3rd” made its first post-restoration flight on October 17 after being restored by AirCorps Aviation. The flight was made with pilot Warren Pietsch at the controls. The aircraft, serial number 43-24907, was used for training during World War II and did not see combat. It carries the colours of s/n 42-103585 “Lope’s Hope 3rd” flown by 5-victory ace Lt. Donald Lopez of the 23rd Fighter Group, 75th Fighter Squadron.

After the war Lopez became a test pilot and later was deputy director of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum until his passing in 2008.

Lt Donald Lopez’s P-51C “Lope’s Hope 3rd” in September 1944. Profile created by Gaëtan Marie/Bravo Bravo Aviation for AirCorps Aviation.



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