Miroslav “Tony” Liškutín DFC †

Squadron Leader Miroslav “Tony” Liškutín DFC died on 19 February 2018. Born on 23 August 1919 in Czechoslovakia, he fled to France at the time of the German invasion. After serving with the French Foreign Legion, he joined the RAF, becoming operational as a fighter pilot in September 1941.

Serving with several RAF units, he flew 131 combat missions, during which he shot down eight enemy aircraft and two V-1 missiles. After the war he returned to his home country only to return to the UK after being persecuted following the 1948 communist coup. He rejoined the RAF and served there until 1962.

With Miroslav Liškutín’s passing, Emil Boček, who will soon celebrate his 95th birthday, is the sole surviving Czech pilot who served in the RAF in World War II.

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