Hispano-Suiza HS-77 engine recovered from Lake Zug in Switzerland

A preserved Swiss Air Force EKW C-35. (Photo Sandstein – PUBDOM via Wikipedia)

A Hispano-Suiza HS-77 engine (license-built version of the Hispano-Suiza HS 12Ycrs) was recovered from the Zug lake in Switzerland. The engine belonged to an EKW C-35 that crashed in the lake on 19 May 1940, killing its two crewmembers.

The aircraft and its propeller, which was also recovered, will be displayed at the Transportation Museum in Lucerne.

The EKW C-35 was a 1930s twin-seat reconnaissance biplane, of which 90 examples were produced and served in the Swiss Air Force until 1954.

Source: 20 Minutes Suisse | Moteur d’avion remonté à la surface après 80 ans

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