BAPA acquires Bendix upper turret for its B-25J Mitchell restoration

The Belgian Aviation Preservation Association was recently able to acquire a Bendix upper turret as part of its B-25J Mitchell restoration project :

For several years we have been looking for parts to restore the B-25J to stock configuration. One of the most difficult parts to find has been the very rare Bendix upper turret.

In recent months we were able to find and purchase a core Bendix N-type turret in Australia, which has just been delivered at the workshop. It is an extremely rare (and expensive) collector’s item, as it is a genuine turret that was aboard a B-25J during the Second World War.

It needs extensive restoration after several decades spent outside. The aluminium components are still in fairly good condition, but the iron components are heavily corroded and many will have to be replaced. Many accessories are missing and will have to be found. One of them has already been located and purchased.

In the packaging there is also an extremely rare ammunition container; the second one has yet to be sourced. We also have a few duplicates that could be used for exchange and as spare parts.

There is a lot of work to return this turret in good condition but, with this rare item now acquired, we are on the right track for a complete restoration of the B-25J.

We sincerely thank all the generous donors who made this extremely important acquisition possible.

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