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First engine run for Shuttleworth Collection’s new Albatros D.Va

The Shuttleworth Collection’s newly-arrived Albatros D.Va replica made its first engine run on October 1st. Source: The Shuttleworth Collection’s Facebook page

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Albatros D.Va, Sopwith Snipe and RAF S.E.5a for the World War 1 Aviation Heritage Trust

New aircraft will be joining the World War 1 Aviation Heritage Trust’s collection this year: an Albatros D.Va and Sopwith Snipe from New-Zealand in late spring, and will be followed later by a RAF S.E.5a. The WW1AHT intends “to provide an enduring flying collection of World War I Allied and German aircraft based in the …

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RAF Museum to receive RAF RE.8 and Albatros D.Va replicas

The RAF museum will receive two new additions to its World War I aircraft collection: airworthy replicas of a Royal Aircraft Factory RE.8 and an Albatros D.Va built in New Zealand will be arriving in the UK this summer. Source: Aeroplane Monthly

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