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Claridon Group to back Spitfire search in Burma

Press release: Global Logistics company Claridon Group Ltd have stepped in to save David Cundall’s project to locate buried Spitfires in Burma.  After 16 years of dedicating his life to the project as well as his life savings,  David is heading back to Burma to resume excavating and finding  the Spitfires. Due to a lack …

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Burmese Spitfires: are they really there?

The latest news about the great Spitfire search in Burma seems quite pessimistic. David Cundall, followed by thousands of aviation enthusiasts, was hoping to locate dozens of Spitfire buried in crates in Burma at the end of the Second World War. The research team began diggin recently but has only dug up metal sheets that …

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Burmese Spitfire excavation to start soon

Since the announcement last April that some 20 Spitfire Mk XIV had been found buried in Burma, very little information has been available concerning this extraordinary discovery. Some observers were understandably sceptical, given the lack of information and rumours stating that there could be 60 or more such Spitfires to be found. These last few …

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