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Watch footage of Lockheed VC-121A Constellation “Bataan” returning to flight

Gorgeous footage of the first flight of Lockheed VC-121A Constellation “Bataan”, which once served as the personal transport for General MacArthur,  has been uploaded by Skyes9 on YouTube : Push the sound up and enjoy !

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Breitling to end its support to the Super Constellation Flyers Association

There is an end to even the best things. The 14-year-old partnership between the Super Constellation Flyers Association which flies the C-121C Super Constellation HB-RSC and the Swiss watchmaker Breitling is reportedly coming to an end. Breitling, whose name is strongly associated to aviation, has been a generous donator to many classic aviation projects for years. …

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A Lockheed Constellation for Lewis Air Legends

Planes of Fame Air Museum’s Lockheed VC-121A Constellation has been sold to Lewis Air Legends of Texas who plans to restore the Aircraft to flying condition. This ‘Connie’ named ‘Bataan’ was the personal aircraft of General Douglas MacArthur Supreme Commander Allied Powers during the Korean War. We look forward to seeing it fly on the …

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Former Air Force One Lockheed Constellation “Columbine II” to fly again?

The Lockheed C-121 Constellation known as Columbine II, which flew President Dwight Eisenhower and had been stored at Manara Air Park in Arizona since its last flight in 2003, will shortly examined by Dynamics Aviation to evaluate whether it can be restored to airworthiness. Several parts are missing and will need to be found and …

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Yanks Air Museum EC-121 takes back to the skies

After a lengthy seven-year restoration, the Yanks Air Museum’s EC-121 Super Constellation flew on the 14th of January. This aircraft, the AWACS version of the infamous Super Constellation airliner, was flown from Camarillo to Chino, California, where it will rejoin the museum’s collections.

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