First flight of Collings Foundation Me 262

(Updated June 5) “White 1′, the Collings Foundation’s Messerschmitt Me 262 has flown on June 2, 2011, piloted by John Penney. The flight lasted half an hour and was successful. Pictures of the flight can be found on the Colling Foundation’s Facebook page and an in-cockpit video can be seen on Youtube (see below).

More information on the aircraft’s history and first flight can be found on the Sanders Aeronautics website.

Another video of the flight can be seen here. Listen to the engine spool up or jump to 7:30 to see the actual take-off, flight and landing.

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  1. This is truly a “time machine” since it’s only June 2011 and the flight was on July 2 a month from now.

    1. Oooops. 🙁 Thanks for pointing this out, Don. I’ll correct it immediately.

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