Group Captain John Musgrave

John Musgrave, a RAF Liberator pilot who flew 70 raids in the Far East and Mediterranean theatres, died on April 4, 2011. Read the obituary on the Telegraph.

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    • Nick Horsley on June 7, 2011 at 11:17 PM
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    It was not until I read Grp Captain Musgrave’s Obituary that I realised he was my Uncle CO in 178 SQDN. Unfortunately Flt Lt Bobby Greer was killed on 22nd March 1944 in the Liberator following the Grp Captain that exploded having been hit by an incendiary dropped from a Liberator flying above. All Hero’s RIP

    • Matt Poole on June 12, 2011 at 9:31 PM
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    I am proud to have called G/Capt John Musgrave my friend, having first met him in 1990 through my RAF 159 Sqn research. Having flown a complete tour of ops on Liberators of 159 in the Middle East and then India (see his obituary for more), and then having trained many of the airmen who were the specific focus of my research, he was intrigued that I was so interested in 159 Sqn and its men. He went out of his way to assist me over the years. In 1991 I stayed with him and his wife Joanne in Norfolk, and in 1998 he read a poem entitled “An Airman’s Prayer” at the St Clement Danes Church memorial service I organized to honor two 159 Sqn crews lost in early 1944. His reading was brilliant and included a brief introduction about the fear of dying on ops. I cannot say enough good things about this superb gentleman who, despite his unique war record and long post-war RAF career, remained humble, friendly, and the perfect history teacher. Thank you, John…you will be missed.

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