Bucker Jungmann crashes in Bedfordshire

Bücker Jungmann G-RETA. (Photo by Ken Lamb (CC BY-SA 2.0))

It seems I’m only posting about crashes or accidents recently.. . 🙁

A Bücker Jungmann (G-RETA) crashed in a field near Old Warden airfield yesterday morning (Sunday, July 3rd). The pilot was only slightly injured. The Jungmann, which ended on its back, is part of the Shuttleworth Collection. More details and a video report can be found on the BBC website. It is not yet known whether the aircraft can and will be repaired.

Update (July 5th @ 10:44AM): Since I didn’t have much time yesterday, I posted basic information about the event and didn’t even take the time to view the video (wrongly thinking it would not bring more information). The pilot was practicing aerobatics when the engine quit. He chose the most suitable landing zone and landed. The aircraft flipped over during the landing roll.

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