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UK : Pilot killed in Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire crash

The Spitfire Mk IX MK356 of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight crashed on Saturday, May 25, not far from its base at RAF Coningsby. The pilot, whose identity has not yet been revealed, tragically died in the accident. According to witnesses, the Spitfire appeared to have suffered an engine failure. The Vickers Supermarine Spitfire …

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UK : Pilot wounded in crash of Wildcat AX733

A U.S. Navy Grumman F4F-3 in early 1942. (Photo US Navy)

The pilot of the Grumman FM-2 Wildcat AX733 (registered G-KINL) was seriously wounded in a crash at Heveningham Hall near Halesworth, Suffolk, in the United-Kingdom. Thankfully, the few available sources seem to indicate that the pilot’s injuries were non-life-threatening and that he has left the hospital.

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Paul Ehlen killed in crash of his Curtiss P-40E Warhawk in Montana

The Curtiss P-40E AK753 at Oshkosh (Photo © Damien Defever)

It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of Paul Ehlen. He crashed yesterday afternoon in Curtiss P-40E Warhawk ‘AK753’, registered as N4420K and belonging to the Wings of the North Air Museum,  near Hamilton, Montana. Little information is available about this tragic event but the police announced that Paul Ehlen, the …

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Three wounded in Beech 18 crash in Corsica

Only a few days after the Beech 18 runway excursion at the Paris Air Legend airshow, we have learned that the Beech 18 registered G-BKGL crashed yesterday near Vescovato in Corsica. According to local authorities, the three people on board were wounded.  One has reportedly suffered severe burns, and is in a life-threatening condition.  A …

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Beech 18 damaged in take-off accident at Paris Air Legend airshow

The Beechcraft Model 18 (E18S) F-AZEJ belonging to  the Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis was damaged today in a take-off accident on the first day of the Paris Air Legend 2021 airshow. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the accident. The aircraft reportedly struggled to get airborne, veering off the runway and coming to a stop in an …

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One killed in Flying Bull T-28 crash in the Czech Republic

We have just learned of the tragic crash of North American T-28B Trojan BuNo 138179 registered OE-ESA of the Austrian Flying Bull collection. The aircraft crashed in Jickovice  in the Czech Republic as it was returning from the Leźno airshow in Poland.

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Three wounded in B-25 “Old Glory” crash in California

The B-25 Mitchell “Old Glory” was seriously damaged when it struck an irrigation ditch during an off-airport landing attempt near Stockton, California. The three crewmembers on board were injured and two were taken to the hospital but fortunately their injuries are not life-threatening. “Old Glory” is North American B-25J Mitchell built in 1944 (serial number …

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Fatal DHC-1 Chipmunk crash in Germany

A DHC-1 Chipmunk at Panshanger Aerodrome on 22nd May 2011. NB: this is not the accident aircraft. (Photo Geoff Collins (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))

A DHC-1 Chipmunk crashed on September 17th near Paulinenaue in Germany. The pilot, aged 68, was killed in the crash and his passenger was gravely wounded. The aircraft, built in 1952 and registered D-ELLY, had taken off from Bienenfarm airfield moments before. The causes of the accident are unknown at this time. Our thoughts and …

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Pilot wounded in RAF B.E.2c replica crash at Sywell Aerodrome

A Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2c  replica crashed at Sywell Aerodrome in the United-Kingdom while training with five other aircraft in preparation for a display later this month. Fortunately, pilot Matthew Boddington survived the crash and has been hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. The aircraft is part of the Bremont Great War Display Team, which offers …

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Sea Fury down in Duxford, crew escapes with minor injuries

The Hawker Sea Fury T.20S WG655 G-INVN in 2019 (Photo Alan Wilson (CC BY-SA 2.0))

The Norwegian Spitfire Foundation’s Hawker Sea Fury T.20 G-INVN was involved in an accident today near Duxford in the UK. Fortunately, the pilot and his passenger only suffered minor injuries. The aircraft was seriously damaged, as can be seen on the accident photos. The causes of the accident are not yet known. The Imperial War …

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Stampe & Vertongen SV-4 crashes in France, one deceased and one wounded

A Stampe & Vertongen  Stampe SV-4 crashed near the Angers-Marcé airport on Saturday the 4th of July, killing its pilot. The second crew member was hospitalized and is in critical condition. Both crew members and the aircraft were part of Stampe Aéro Passion, an association based at the Angers-Marcé airport. The causes of the accident …

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Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation C-54 Skymaster damaged by tornado in South Carolina

The Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation Douglas C-54 Skymaster was severely damaged by a tornado at the Walterboro airport, South Carolina.  The aircraft seems to have been blown into a hangar, resulting in major damage. Please read the full official statement from the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation below:

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Two killed in Ryan PT-22 crash in France

The Ryan PT-22 Recruit 41-1964 (N53018) in Cerny in 2014 (Photo Johnny Comstedt (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))

Two people were killed in the crash of their Ryan PT-22 Recruit (registered N53018) near Beaulieu in the Puy-de-Dôme department in France on Sunday the 23rd of February. The causes of the accident are not yet known but witnesses indicate hearing unusual sounds coming the accident aircraft just before the crash, suggesting engine problems could …

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Two killed and one injured in Stinson Reliant crash in California

Stinson AT-19 Reliant NC50249 in 2012 (Photo Jack Snell (CC BY-ND 2.0))

Two people were killed and one was injured in the crash of Stinson AT-19 Reliant NC50249 near the Auburn Municipal Airport in California on 24 January 2020. Police sources indicate that the two fatalities are 80 year-old Anthony Lawrence Wright Sr., the owner of the aircraft, and his 55 year-old son Anthony Lawrence Wright Jr. …

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Sole airworthy Fouga CM.175 Zéphyr damaged in runway excursion in France

Fouga Zéphyr n°28 (F-AZPF) en 2013 (Photo tommpouce (CC BY-NC 2.0))

The world’s only airworthy Fouga CM.175 Zéphyr, a French naval jet trainer which first flew in 1959 and served until 1994, was damaged in a runway excursion on November 4. Nobody was hurt in the accident, but the right main gear struck an obstacle and the aircraft was damaged. It has been established that the …

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