Doolittle Raid: 25 B-25 Mitchell hoped for 70th anniversary

A B-25 Mitchell flying off the USS Hornet. (Photo US Army)

The five remaining members of the Doolittle raid will be present at the National Museum of the USAF to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the raid from April 17 to 20, 2012. Also present for the first time will be Chinese survivors or members of their families who helped save the Raiders. The  Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Association, Inc. is working to secure sponsorship to have some 25 B-25 Mitchells fly in and land at the museum. This would be the largest gathering of B-25 Mitchell since WWII.


B-25B 40-2261"Ruptured Duck", crewed by members of the 95th Bomb Squadron, 17th Bomb Group: pilot Lt. Ted W. Lawson, copilot Lt. Dean Davenport, navigator Lt. Charles L. McClure, bombardier Lt. Robert S. Clever and engineer/gunner Sgt. David J. Thatcher. (Profile © Gaëtan Marie.)


Those interested in helping to make this flight of B-25 bombers possible should contact Tom Casey with the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Association, Inc. at (941) 921-7361 or by email at email hidden; JavaScript is required or Larry Kelley, B-25 coordinator, email hidden; JavaScript is required or 410-991-2356.

B-25B 40-2249 "Hari Kari-er" (or "Hari Carrier" according to some sources) was the 11th aircraft to launch from USS Hornet's deck. Its crew was composed of pilot Capt. Charles R. Greening, copilot Lt. Kenneth E. Reddy, navigator Lt. Frank A. Kappeler, bombardier SSgt. William L. Birch and engineer/gunner Sgt. Melvin J. Gardner, all from the 89th Reconnaissance Squadron. (Profile © Gaëtan Marie.)


More information can be found on the USAF website.

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