Pilot missing in Sea Fury racer and Cessna mid-air collision over California

Sea Fury DreadnoughtThe Sea Fury T. Mk 20 “Dreadnought”, well known for its performances at the reno Air Races, was involved in a mid-air collision with a Cessna 210 over California. Both aircraft were returning from the Pacific Coast Dream Machines airshow when they collided. The Cessna 210 was seen falling into San Pablo bay. Although some wreckage was found by rescuers, the pilot is still missing. The Sea Fury was able to land at Eagle’s Nest in northern California, and the crew of two was unhurt.

Source: AP

Update (May 2, 2014): Sadly but not unexpectedly, the pilot of the Cessna 210 has been confirmed killed in the accident. His body and the aircraft have finally been recovered in San Pablo Bay. (Source)

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