Open Hangar Day for the Belgian Aviation Preservation Association on Saturday the 31st of August

Silence on set, the BAPA makes its cinema, first, action, rolling!

BAPA will be holding its open house on Saturday, August 31 to celebrate the fifth participation in a shooting of its B25J Mitchell with its almost fully equipped interior and its superb current Pinup “Yankee Doodle” from the mini-series “Catch-22”.

The whole event will revolve around him with the evocation of the shoots in which he participated.

The association’s volunteers will welcome you to visit the restoration workshop and admire our collection of restored aircraft, in progress or awaiting restoration, and will present various activities.

BAPA B-25 nose art (Photo © BAPA)

(Photo © BAPA)

Various magazine stands and aeronautical books, postcards, photos, aeronautical accessories, model aircraft and small catering will be available.

Several military vehicles and extras in period clothing will be present throughout the day.

Depending on the weather, the workshop will be flown over several times by several old aircraft.


Chaussée de Tirlemont, 75, A6 (behind LOCK’O)
B-5030 Gembloux

Free entry and easy parking.

BAPA B-25 cockpit (Photo © BAPA)

(Photo © BAPA)

Filmography of the B-25J Mitchell 44-30925 (N9494Z G-BWGR):

  •  “Catch-22″ by Mike Nichols in 1970 with Alan Arkin. He flew under the name of Laden Maiden” and then”The Abominable Snow Man”.
  • Peter Hyams”’Hanover Street” movie in 1978 with Harrison Ford (who drove this B25). He flew under the name of Gorgeous George-Ann.
  • Richard Marquand’s “Eye Of the Needle” film in 1981 with Donald Sutherland. Static filmed with the name Thar She Blows.
  • “AIRMEN”” short film by Olivier Merckx in 2016 with Russel Cummings. Static filmed for indoor scenes.
  • “Catch-22″” George Clooney’s mini-series in 2018 with Georges Clooney and Christopher Abbott with the name”Yankee Doodle”. Static filmed for indoor scenes.
  • Once restored, it should in principle be called “Pat’s Victorie” coded”NO-V” of No 320 Squadron of No 139 Wing.

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