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Belgian Aviation Preservation Association acquires ex-French air force DH.100 Vampire

The Belgian Aviation Preservation Association (BAPA) collection has opened up to the jet age. After having recently received two Turbomeca Marboré II engines equipping the Fouga C.M.170 Magister. (one being cut out in a didactic way and the other on its original maintenance support), a first jet has been added to the association’s aircraft collection. It …

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The BAPA needs your help to get a Bendix turret for its B-25 Mitchell

A message from the Belgian Aviation Preservation Association The restoration of the Belgian Aviation Preservation Association’s (www.bapa.aero) B-25 Mitchell is an ongoing project, as is the search for parts and equipment to re-equip what initially was an empty B-25 shell. After obtaining the plexiglass canopy of the dorsal turret during the shooting of the “Catch …

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Belgian Aviation Preservation Association receives SV4-RS prototype

The Belgian Aviation Preservation Association (BAPA) recently added a “classic aircraft from the future” to its collection ! The aircraft in question is the most recent variant of the famous Stampe & Vertongen SV-4 : the SV4-RS, built by Ultralight Concept. The SV4-RS is an ultralight version of the SV-4 designed and built by Raoul …

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Open Hangar Day for the Belgian Aviation Preservation Association on Saturday the 31st of August

Silence on set, the BAPA makes its cinema, first, action, rolling! BAPA will be holding its open house on Saturday, August 31 to celebrate the fifth participation in a shooting of its B25J Mitchell with its almost fully equipped interior and its superb current Pinup “Yankee Doodle” from the mini-series “Catch-22”. The whole event will …

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Spitfire XVI headed to Belgium

Spitfire Mk XVI SL721, previously operated by Vintage Wings of Canada, has been sold to a Belgian owner and should be arriving soon in Belgium. This is the first time an airworthy Spitfire has been based in the country since the 1960s, according to the Belgian Aviation Preservation Association.      

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