Belgian Aviation Preservation Association receives SV4-RS prototype

(Photo courtesy © BAPA)

The Belgian Aviation Preservation Association (BAPA) recently added a “classic aircraft from the future” to its collection !

The aircraft in question is the most recent variant of the famous Stampe & Vertongen SV-4 : the SV4-RS, built by Ultralight Concept.

The SV4-RS is an ultralight version of the SV-4 designed and built by Raoul Severin. The airframe received by the BAPA is one of the prototypes that underwent and survived stress tests in order to obtain the type’s certification in several countries.

The BAPA intends to complete and reassemble the airframe in order to showcase the construction technique of this specific variant.

Ultralight Concept acquired the original Stampe SV.4 blueprints in 2007 and designed this lightweight version by changing the construction techniques and materials, which made it possible to lower the empty weight from 560 kg to 295 kg.

Source: Email from BAPA

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