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New warbird shirt available: A6M Zero

Many of you had requested it, and your wish has been granted: the Mitsubishi A6M Zero shirt is now available from the Warbird Shirt shop! 🙂

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A6M Zero flies again in Japan

An A6M Zero flew in Japan on the Wednesday 27 January, with Skip Holm at the controls. While many media have inaccurately reported that this was the first time a Zero has flown in Japan since WW2, it is the first flight by a Japanese-owned Zero since the war.

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A6M-3 Zero could become Japan’s first flying warbird

Japanese businessman Masahide Ishizuka recently presented his project of basing his Mitsubishi A6M-3 Zero (registered N553TT) in Japan, where it would fly at airshows. This would make it the first flying warbird in Japan and could lead to other warbirds flying in the country, such as those of Nobuo Harada, whose collection includes many World …

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