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Wreckage of Spitfire recovered in France

The wreckage of a Spitfire that was shot down in April 1942 was unearthed in Hardifort in Northern France. The remains of the pilot, William James Smith, were found at the crash site. Smith, a 24 year-old Australian, was flying with No 457 Squadron when he was shot down and killed. The aircraft’s wreckage is …

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Missing airmen’s A-17 Nomad found in Canadian lake

On December 13, 1940 two RCAF Northrop A-17 Nomad on a search mission for a downed aircraft collided in mid-air and crashed, killing their crews. One of the aircraft and its crew was recovered at the time, but the other aircraft was never discovered. It was flown by Peter Campbell, a 24-year old British, and …

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Unique Do 17Z found off the coast in Kent

A rare Dornier Do 17Z has been located by sonar off the coast of Kent, in the UK.

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