More bad news: Dr. I, Beechcraft and L-39 accidents

Photo (C) Chris Sandham-Bailey

More bad news for this week-end, but at least no deaths. If this goes on, I’ll have to consider renaming the blog 🙁 A Fokker Dr.I replica nosed-over while taxiing at Duxford. Another Dr. I replica crash-landed after engine failure at the Geneseo Airshow (NY, USA) on Saturday July 9, the pilot escaping unharmed.  On the same day, a L-39C Albatros overshot the runway at Passaic County Airport (NJ, USA).

In Duxford, the mid-air collision between a Skyraider and a P-51 was not the  only incident this weekend, with a Fokker Dr.I replica nosing over during taxi. Fortunately, the pilot was unharmed and the aircraft did not suffer much damage. Many thanks to Chris Sandham-Bailey for sharing the picture.

At the Geneseo airshow, another Dr. I replica was damaged when its engine quit during a digfight representation. The pilot, 67 year-old Canadian resident Joseph Auger, tried to land the airplane in a corn field but flipped over. He was briefly trapped in the aircraft by his restraints but emerged and was treated on the spot by emergency services before being released.

A 1961 Beechcraft with four people on board stalled at 20 ft while landing at Geneseo. Emergency services sent two to the hospital for back and neck injuries. More info on the Geneseo Airshow incidents here (with a picture of the Dr. I).

Finally, an 1989 Aero L-39C Albatros overshot the runway at Passaic County Airport, NJ, and rolled over. The pilot received light injuries. Sources: (1) and (2).

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