F-16 and FJ-4B Fury run off the runway at Oshkosh

The FJ-4B Fury. (Photo D. Miller (CC BY 2.0))

A USAF F-16 Falcon ran off the runway at Oshkosh yesterday, resulting in the nosewheel collapsing. The pilot was unhurt. Some time later, the FJ-4B Fury owned and flown by Dr Richard Sugden also overran the runway and came to a halt near the F-16 with no further damage. It seems that Sugden had reported on the radio that he had lost his brakes and would be overshooting. The cause to the F-16 accident is unknown.

A YouTube video by MrSerious0 shows the Fury reaching the end of the runway:

A video of the F-16 incident can be seen on YouTube, as well as some photographs here. A single picture of the Fury incident is available on sim-outhouse for the moment. More will be posted as it becomes available.

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  1. why do people always stopping taking video in the middle of what is going on or stop looking
    in the viewfinder and following the “target” ? you never know what will happen and especially at air shows so ADVISE: continue to follow your target till it came to a (safe) complete stop OR at take off till the target reached the demodisplay altitude in the scene that you take on video..

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