Public début for TVAL’s Hanriot HD.1 in New-Zealand

The Vintage Aviator Ltd‘s Hanriot HD.1, formerly exposed at the RAF Museum in Hendon, recently made its first public appearance at Hood airfield in New-Zealand. The aircraft was built in 1917 and is powered by an original Le Rhône engine. Only four Hanriot HD.1 are preserved.

Vidéo: Historical Aviation Film Unit


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    • Cicely Hand on February 17, 2018 at 9:14 AM
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    It was so thrilling to see Marvin K. Hand’s (my father) Hanriot in flight. 5 years ago my sone and I went to visit the plane at Hendon and were sad to hear it had been traded. However it is my hope to visit your WWI museum in Blenheim and to see the Hanriot in flight. I remember my father flying the plane in Northern California for the cover article in Airplane Magazine in the early 70s. He spent several years rebuilding the Hanriot in the basement of my Grandmother’s house in San Francisco. My sister and I would help sand small wooden parts for the wing span.

    • Julie Craven on April 13, 2021 at 5:32 AM
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    Fond memories of watching it fly out of Santa Rosa,CA and seeing it parked next to the Thunderbirds at an air show.

    1. Julie Craven, this is Cicely Hand, Marvin’s oldest daughter. Boy, do I have fond memories of Daddy and Newt working on the plane in my grandmothers basement at 2100 Scott St in San Francisco in the early 60s. I saw that Sir Peter Jackson had acquired the plane in a swap from the Royal British Air Force Museum in Hendon. I hope to get down to New Zealand in the next 3 years and actually see the plane. I don’t believe it is flying but loved seeing the maiden fly by from 2016. My husband and I live in Nice, France now.

    • Carter H on April 13, 2021 at 11:49 PM
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    Cicely, thanks for pointing this out! Julie, I, too, have happy memories of your family and ours, often on tarmacs, sometimes in pubs and barges in the UK. Thanks to you both for the smiles!

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