The BAPA needs your help to get a Bendix turret for its B-25 Mitchell

A message from the Belgian Aviation Preservation Association

The restoration of the Belgian Aviation Preservation Association’s ( B-25 Mitchell is an ongoing project, as is the search for parts and equipment to re-equip what initially was an empty B-25 shell.

After obtaining the plexiglass canopy of the dorsal turret during the shooting of the “Catch 22” series, all that was needed was what came beneath it, i.e. a Bendix turret.

This is a rare and difficult to acquire part, but we were able to locate and reserve one in Australia, for $5400. It is incomplete but can serve as the basis for a full restoration.

We are therefore calling on all B-25 Mitchell enthusiasts and those who support our goal of honoring the Belgian crews that flew on the Mitchell with the Royal Air Force.

You can help us by donating to the Fondation Roi Baudouin :

BE10 0000 0000 0404 (BIC : BPOT BEB1) with the compulsory mention: « 128/2714/00065 »

If you are a Belgian fiscal resident, any donation over 40€ will make you eligible to a tax refund.

For our foreign supporters, a donation on the bank account of our association is also possible:

BAPA bank account: BE81 3631 1427 4124 (BIC : BBRU BEBB).

Thank you to all, and a Merry Christmas !

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